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Praise for Change is on the Wind

“You can’t become what you need to be without change.  Cheryl has taken her years of experience, cast them as an entertaining fable, and given us a charming way for any organization to think about and manage change.”

Don Goeman, Executive Vice President, Research, Design, & Development, Herman Miller, Inc.

“This adventure of change, team work, and leadership will move your herd!”

Bonnie Cauthorn, IIDA, ASID, Principal, Design Source Inc.

“In this clever tale, Cheryl takes us through a playful but very poignant journey about workplace change and transformation.  She not only shares change management best practices but allows us to experience how powerful the process can be when we harness the collective spirit of an organization.  Change is on the Wind is a fun, informative, and non-threatening way to help any organization understand the power of place, and gives the encouragement to boldly step into a new way of working.” 

Kate North, Vice President, and Global Chair, IFMA’s Workplace Evolutionaries (WE)

"Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!  A wonderful, easy to understand, yet thorough treatment of the why, how, and what of Change Management.  Each of us can identify with one or more of the characters in Cheryl’s story.  I roar my approval!"  

John H. Vivadelli, CEO, AgilQuest Corporation

“Responding to the realities of competitive markets and shrinking real estate, Change is on the Wind provides a simple roadmap for managing change in challenging times.  I especially related to the pilot project.  Don’t overlook that step if you want to ensure complete success.”

Victor M. Polanco, Managing Director, True Partners Consulting LLC

“This was a stroll down memory lane as I relived our Renovation 360 change management process.  It certainly prepared our staff for our bold cultural changes, and in fact, I think I recognize some of those characters!”

Jessica Feldmark, Chief of Staff, Howard County Government

“Making the unfamiliar, familiar” is a timeless tenet of fables, learning, and change management. Cheryl Duvall, FIIDA, deftly combines all three in Change is on the Wind, to tell the story of a Kingdom (recognizable to all readers) that needs to embrace and enact change. Whether you are considering change for yourself or your organization, or a seasoned expert charged with implementing change, this instructional guide told as a simple fable is an excellent tool.

Cheryl Durst, HON. FIIDA, LEED AP, Executive Vice President and CEO, International Interior Design Association

“After years of honing her process, Cheryl is sharing her change management methodology through a simple story that the inner child in each of us can identify with.  What a clever approach!  Perhaps more design professionals will implement change management programs with this as their guide.”

Alex Kramer, Principal Officer, Arris, a Design Studio

This engaging fable is a powerful tool for design professionals to understand and apply the process of change management with their clients. Discipline-specific jargon is explained and critical actions are sequenced to enable unique opportunities through an evidence-based approach.

Caren S. Martin, PhD, CID, FASID, IFMA, Principal, Martin & Guerin Design Research, LLC, and Associate Professor, Interior Design, College of Design, University of Minnesota

Change is on the Wind:  Managing Change for a New Landscape

written by Cheryl P. Duvall, illustrated by Caroline Devereaux

Written in the form of a fable, Change is on the Wind tackles the challenge of the ever-changing landscape of the modern office, where real estate is constantly shrinking while additional demands are placed on employees for innovation and productivity.  How do you help employees make the leap to a new culture and location without missing a beat?

The story begins on a savanna, or perhaps it’s an office, where the King, or maybe the CEO, rules over a population that enjoys luxurious accommodations including enclosed personal spaces, private habitats, and spacious quarters.  Sound familiar?  But the King sees into the future, and announces that their land will soon be taken away!  They must relocate the kingdom to smaller accommodations, across the “Great Divide”…and soon!

A guiding coalition is quickly formed, led by Lady K who recognizes that the real beastly work lies in getting the kingdom to accept change in order to live successfully and happily in the new land.  She skillfully engages the kingdom’s mighty and small in the “top down-bottom up” approach of an effective change program.  A Change Agent Committee, representing all the tribes in the kingdom, is appointed, intentionally including a few resisters.  A Pilot Project in the kingdom’s coveted Central Park is the key to early wins.  And a detailed communications plan that parallels design and construction is highly effective in getting the word out, squelching rumors, and involving the whole kingdom in the change. 

The fable format makes for delightful reading and presents a sound methodology to bring the mighty and the small along in the journey.

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