Linking Workplace Design with Organization Development


Avancé is a consulting firm linking workplace design with organization development.  We bring innovative thought processes to the forefront of workplace design. 

We begin each project with a strategic approach that focuses first on corporate goals and objectives.  We utilize special tools and thought leadership to probe, extract, and engage organizations in “design thinking.”  Our process shapes the conceptual design of the workplace in support of stated business goals.  But we don’t stop there.  We work collaboratively with the building occupants to facilitate acceptance of change by engaging them throughout the design and construction process.  We use creative and participative change management techniques to enhance retention, recruitment, and productivity in their new workplace.

Two primary consulting services are provided by Avancé, LLC:

1. Workplace Strategy

2. Change Management

Additionally, Cheryl Duvall is available for speaking engagements that address a broad range of topics.

Avancé, LLC is 100% woman-owned and qualifies as a minority/women business enterprise (MBE/WBE) in most jurisdictions.

President: Cheryl Duvall, FIIDA, MSOD




(pronounced ah’-von-say) is derived from the French verb “to move forward, to press on, to make progress.” 

Avancé, LLC

3 Church Circle, # 138

Annapolis, MD  21401